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Speech/Audio signal processing
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Research Areas

Dr. Joseph Zacharias

Radio Over Fibre, Microwave Engineering, Computational Electromagnetics

Dr. Tara Raveendran

Statistical Signal Processing, Particle filters, Deep Learning

Dr. Shiny G

Industrial Drives and Control, Biomedical Engineering

Dr. Binu L S

Bio Medical, Control Systems and Robotics

Dr. Sreelatha G.

Image and video processing, Computer vision, Medical image processing

Dr. Pradeep R

Communication, Signal Processing

Dr. Alex Raj S

Embedded System, Image Processing

Dr. Vinod B R

Power electronics and Drives, Control systems

Dr. Sreeni K.G

Computational Haptics, Image Processing and Computer Graphics

Dr.Rajeev Rajan

Image Processing,Speech and Music Processing,Natural Language Processing

Dr. Biju K S

Biosignal processing, sleep research

Dr. Sivakumar

Bio-optics, signal and image processing, Optical Coherence Tomography, Diffused Tomography

Dr. Anitha Edison

Computer Vision, Machine Learning