Technical Talks


Dr. Revathy Sivanandan

Engineer, Engineering and Projects, Keltron Traffic Signal Division

Alumna of M. Tech Signal Processing 2012-2014 interacted with students on 01.02.2024

Dr. Sriram Ganapathy 

Associate Professor,
Division of Electrical, Electronics, and Computer Sciences, Indian Institute of Bangalore

Alumnus of B. Tech 2000-2004 ECE batch interacted with students on 29.01.2024

Ms. Lajitha C. S.

Scientist E, Control and Instrumentation, CDAC

Alumna of M. Tech Microwave and TV Engineering 2016-2018 batch addressed students of M.Tech on 23.11.2023.

The talk was conducted on 23 – 08 – 2023, Wednesday from 03.00 – 04.30 PM for S5, S7 ECE & AEI students. The resource person was Mr. Shebu Varghese Kuriakose (Director, Technology Management, ARM, UK).

Irene Saira Mathew and Dave Paul Joseph students of S5 ECE hosted the session. Dr. Joseph Zacharias (HoD, ECE Department) addressed the audience. 81 students and 5 faculties attended the session.

During the session, students were introduced to the revolutionary impact of semiconductors on modern technology. The discussion covered semiconductors’ role in enabling IoT and embedded systems, advancements in industrial automation driven by semiconductors, challenges related to latency in data processing and communication, machine learning algorithms, security issues and solutions, the historical significance of Moore’s Law, and the concept of software-defined vehicles (SDVs) and their influence on the automotive industry.

The presentation emphasized the transformative influence of semiconductors in various technological domains. The importance of continuous innovation and collaboration to tackle emerging challenges was highlighted. The session concluded with optimistic remarks about the boundless possibilities offered by semiconductor-led innovation in shaping our interconnected future.