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Rajeev Rajan

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Rajeev Rajan


[1] Rajeev Rajan, Hema Murthy “Two-pitch tracking in co-channel speech using modified group delay functions” Speech Communications, Volume 89, May 2017, Pages 37-46

[2] Rajeev Rajan , Manaswi Misra and Hema A. Murthy “Melody extraction from music using modified group delay functions” International Journal of Speech Technology,Volume 20 Issue 1, March 2017 Pages 185-204


[1] Rajeev Rajan, Anu Alphonsa Raju, “Poetic Meter Classification”, in Proc. of  IEEE conference on Signal Processing and Communication (SPCOM),  Indian Institute of Science, Bangaluru, July 2018.

[2] Rajeev Rajan, Hema A. Murthy  “Music genre classification by fusion of modified group delay and melodic features”, in Proc. of  IEEE Twenty-third National Conference on Communications (NCC), Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, March 2017

[3] Rajeev Rajan and Hema. A. Murthy, “Group delay based melodymonopitch extraction from music,” in Proc. of the IEEE Int. Conf. on Audio, Speech and Sig. Proces.,(ICASSP), pp. 186–190, 2013.


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