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Linear Integrated Circuits

Sajith V., Ph.D.

Educational Qualifications:       

B. Sc.( Chemistry) from Kerala University (S N College, Kollam, KERALA)

B.Tech (Electronics &Communication Engineering) from Kerala University (T.K.M.College of Engineering, Kollam, KERALA)

M.Tech (Biomedical Engineering) from Indian Institute of   Technology (IIT), Mumbai

 PhD (Electronics & Communication Engineering) from Kerala University (L B S Centre for Science and Technology, TVPM, KERALA)

 B Tech Dissertation       :      RADAR DATA ACQUISITION SYSTEM   

Sivakumar R.

Sivakumar received his B Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Calicut University and  his M.Tech in Biomedical Engg. from IIT Madras. He is currently pursuing Ph.D.  at IIT Hyderabad in  Biomedical Engg.

Before joining CET in 2008, he was lecturer at Co-operatve Academy of Professional Education,  from 2004 for 4 Years.

He teaches Digital Signal Processing, Analogue Circuits, Linear Integrated Circuits, Digital Image Processing, Digital Communication, Analogue  Communication, Control Systems.