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Electronics Circuits

Sajith V., Ph.D.

Educational Qualifications:       

B. Sc.( Chemistry) from Kerala University (S N College, Kollam, KERALA)

B.Tech (Electronics &Communication Engineering) from Kerala University (T.K.M.College of Engineering, Kollam, KERALA)

M.Tech (Biomedical Engineering) from Indian Institute of   Technology (IIT), Mumbai

 PhD (Electronics & Communication Engineering) from Kerala University (L B S Centre for Science and Technology, TVPM, KERALA)

 B Tech Dissertation       :      RADAR DATA ACQUISITION SYSTEM   

Neetha George

Neetha George is a graduate in  Electronics and Communication Engineering. She received her  M. Tech. on Microelectronics & VLSI from NIT Calicut.

She teaches VLSI Design, Electronics Circuits, and VLSI for DSP.

Her research area is Image Processing

She has published articles in Conferences