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Vinod BR

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Vinod BR


  1. Guidance and Navigation of Mobile Robot Using Neural Networks; International Conference on Technological Trends, (ICTT-2010)
  2. Implementation of an adaptive PID Controller using neural networks; NCTT- 2011
  3. Backstepping Design for the Control of Cardiac Arrhythmia; 12th National Conference on Technological Trends, NCTT-2011.
  4. Fuzzy Logic : In Controllers for Improved Performance; 12th National Conference on Technological Trends, NCTT-2011
  5. A Generalized Method for improving the Performance of controllers by Combining PID and DELTA Rule; INDICON 2012
  6. Parameter Estimation and Optimization of Adaptive autopilot for ships using GA; 13th National Conference on Technological Trends
  7. Longitudinal Autopilot Design For Reusable Launch Vehicle Using H1 Method; 13th National Conference on Technological Trends
  8. An Efficient Online Fuzzy Tuning Algorithm for PI Controllers Using PSO Optimized Initial Gain Parameters; NCTT – 2014
  9. An efficient method for the control of the dynamics of The cart-inverted pendulum system using the model Reference adaptive control scheme; NCTT – 2014
  10. A Novel Design of an Adaptive PID Controller for Cardiac Pacemaker; International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR), Volume 3, Issue10, October 2014


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