The honourable chief secretary Dr V. P. Joy IAS, who was 1985 alumni of the College of Engineering, Trivandrum, had an interactive session with CET students on 26/04/22, 4pm to 6 pm.  The meeting was presided by the Principal Dr. Suresh Babu V.  Dr. Biji Jacob (HOD, ECE), and Prof. Ajayan K.R were also addressed the gathering.

The session was mainly focused on the academic level of motivation from his valuable experience. The speech started with the importance of direction over magnitude in order to reach our destination; it’s the direction that matters the most, it doesn’t matter how slow you go.

The aspects of physics on to engineering and their application in the real life were well explained by an example of what a scalar and vector mainly differ from. The most important among the magnitude and direction is the direction since if a person has walked a long distance is not a matter of concern, but how he went on is a major concern. So in real life, while acquiring knowledge, the main thing to get focused on is how to get into. He shared his experience of higher studies by saying that when a person starts knowing about a particular subject in-depth, he understands that he has a low knowledge of the same. This recognition is the most important in an individual’s life. He compared the proficiency of a person in a domain with a light placed in a dark room. When the proficiency increases, the light spreads in the whole room like knowledge get spread into the whole life. The admirable CS gave listeners the thought that the time should be considered as past, present and future. The present time should be used wisely as it decides a person’s future. 

The session continued with a motivation filled environment. At the end of the session, he gave space to students who were willing to ask their queries. The most beautiful question he mentioned was that “knowledge is not something that should be insisted to a student, rather it should be acquired.  The education system now is not doing the same, why?”. Our virtuous CS concluded the whole session with an answer to this question “nothing can be built without a thorough basement; this is what the education system is providing. The fact is that students should have a fire to know more and do more from this basement”.