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The secret ingredient to 'Creating a Startup'


Alumni Lecture Series

Lecture 1

Sri. Anoop John

delivered a lecture on

The secret ingredient to 'Creating a Startup'

(Thursday 9 th July)

Anoop john is the founder and managing director of Zyxware Technologies, one of the largest Drupal companies based out of India. He graduated with a B.Tech in ECE from CET in 2001 and an MS in EEE from Pennsylvania state university in 2003. He started Zyxware in 2006 on his own and it has grown into a 70 man organization today with offices in Trivandrum, Cochin and Melbourne. The talk was at CET on 9th July 2015, given by Mr. Anoop John, alumni of ECE department, CET. It was a session on the experiences he had as an entrepreneur and the path he had gone through for the beginning of the start-up. In his opinion one should be passionate enough to make the venture a success. When a person is passionate he will be self motivated. He also pointed out that starting, building and running a startup is not a bed of flowers, but a truck load of problems. So it is more likely to fail than success. Next part of running a company is perseverance. One should keep on going until success is attained. According to him it is extremely difficult to raise fund from banks for a startup. 

He advised that when a person starts a company he should have confidence in his own capabilities and it is important that the people accompanying him in his venture are trustworthy. Finally in the interactive session he had an open chat with the students and faculty members. One question posed was about the motivation behind his startup. Corruption ignited his passion and he wanted to do something for the society. He also added that Technology Business Incubation Centre (TIBIC) provides administrative advice and infrastructural help. The pre-requisites required for starting a startup are thought experiments and meeting with experienced people. Finally he concluded the session by memorizing his B. Tech life in CET. He proudly said that the ECE department of CET, one of the best departments in Kerala, gave him many valuable experiences and also brought up an introvert person to a successful man.

(The Alumni Lecture Series is a series of lectures by our alumni on the
following verticals viz., Higher Education , Entrepreneurship, Communication
skills, Computer Programming Techniques and the State-of-Art at Industry.)